What is the business participation office?

Over the last years, the Madrid city council has been acquiring decisive experience in the field of the institutional sponsorship area, due to the implementation of big projects that have needed and have obtained a solid business support, in accordance with the specialization process started by the Madrid city council in the institutional sponsorship area, the office for the business participation has been created, a municipal unit with transverse nature. The main objectives of the business participation office are:

  • To make Madrid enterprise forum into a mentor platform in public-private cooperation at the international level.
  • To position the business participation office as the municipal department which is specialized in public-private cooperation, what guarantees an effective and efficient dialog and channeling between the private companies and the municipal government areas.
  • To establish the business participation office as representative model for private companies in terms of public-private cooperation.
  • To Involve the most important companies with offices in Madrid and special relationship with the city in the Madrid Business Forum, as strategic partners committed to the development of the city, ensuring a plural representation of the business fabric.
  • To promote a synergic work between the companies adhered to the forum and the municipal AA.GG
  • To encourage the adhered companies to actively participate in projects and municipal programs that are aligned with their interests and objectives.

Technical Secretariat

In the specific framework of Madrid business forum , the business participation office is responsible for the next functions:

  • Commercialisation Madrid business forum.
  • launch of collaborative platform.
  • continuous management and global coordination of the forum
  • Continuous and global coordination with all the municipal AA.GGs.
  • Research and identification of additional opportunities of specific participation for the companies adhered to the forum.
  • Personalized advise, continuous support and monitoring of the adhered companies.
  • Implementation and coordination of the program of actives and returns of the forum.
  • Adhered companies´ loyalty.