General information


Share knowledge, exchange ideas, enhance synergies, add resources and join forces between Madrid City Hall and the citie's devoted companies, to promote, structure and coordinate business participation as a crucial element in the development of a strategy for the city which results in the creation of an added value for both parties and benefits the citizens in a sustainable environment.
  • Ensure that the forum's activity is beneficial for the city and the citizens.
  • Promote and establish the participation of businesses in the projects and activities promoted by Madrid City Hall through its different Government Areas, Districts, Public Organisms and Public Sector.
  • Channel, optimize and coordinate the continuous relation with businesses in the city.
  • Provide businesses with easier access to valuable assests and returns to cotinue working on their reputation and building an emotional relation with their consumer.
  • Act as a link between Madrid City Hall and the citizens of Madrid to show the benefits of the partnership promoted by the City Hall and the companies participating (delimitation and transparency).
  • Guarantee the continuous improvement of public and private cooperation in generating impact both in the City Hall's specific goals and those fo the brands and businesses affiliated.
  • Promote public-private cooperation initiatives which contribute to the optimization of public and private resources, as well as the innovation of the programs hosted, in the CSR framework.
  • The implication of the most relevant comapnies with offices in Madrid as devoted partners with the improvement of the city, representing the diversity of businesses.
  • Exposing, exchanging, analyzing and debating ideas to define future strategies to promote Madrid's international image.
  • Transversality: Understand and address specific opportunities in each municipal management area in a sctructured and coordinated way. Reach all the relevant areas from a business participation perspective.
  • Adaptabilty: Will and ability to adapt from a flexible planning and managing point of view, to adjust to the needs of the City Hall within its wide variety of responsibilities, and the evolution of goals and priorities of the affiliated companies.
  • Continuity: A commitment to improve from a stable, permanent and long-lasting platform, which allows to continue creating more value for all the parties involved.
The Forum's action protocol is divided in two collaborative and management areas with companies, synergic and complementary:
  • Homogeneous and continuous collaboration:

    This collaboration is a representation of the business commitment with the city and translates in the integration of Foro de Empresas por Madrid in specific programs and projects of the city in which the Forum participates.

    • Give the city and its citizens the tolos to think and analyze about current and future challenges and generate rational solutions to address them with confidence.
    • Channel and coordinate the participation of businesses through a larger planning which incentivates the movilization of the private sector towards the citie's projects.
  • Specific and personalized collaboration:

    Direct and individual participation of any of the Forum's companies in any of the projects and municipal programs organized by the different Government Areas and General Management.vThis second dimension contemplates two main work lines:

    • Give companies opportunities to act adjusted to the citie's needs and their business goals.
    • Align the CSR strategies developed by companies participating in Foro de Empresas por Madrid with the citie's priorities to impulse synergies.
  • 1. International projection: Projects and programs to position and establish Madrid as an international referent.
  • 2. Innovation and development: Projects and programs related to the improvement of services and infrastructures of the city through innovative solutions.
  • 3. Economic impulse: Projects and programs directly related to encourage the economic and business activity of the city and generate employment.
  • 4. Environment: Projects and programs directly related with urban planning and environmental management of the city to improve the citizens' quality of life.
  • 5. Citizen activity: Projects and programs directly related with culture, sports and local volunteer work.