Medialab – Prado is again chosen to cerebrate the process of reflection meeting of READING MADRID. This initiative searches the expert view of the Forum´s companies and their collaboration to identify the points to strengthen in our city.

The second meeting was celebrated the 26th of June. The conclusions of the contributions made by the companies were explained, which had been told on the survey previously sent, and at the individual meetings celebrated during the past weeks.

A comparative analysis between Madrid and the principal city’s around us was also explained, specially between those which have successful strategies of identification and of the impulse of their identity.

The next matter discussed was the comparative study between the Forum´s companies and the different sectoral strategic plans of the city.

All this was the beginning of a discussion, where the entrepreneurs and the municipal representatives deepened their discussions.

Finally, Madrid´s Enterprise Forum started the preparation of READING MADRID, that will take place during the second semester of the year.

Once the meeting had finished, Medialab gave a guided tour to the assistants.