Actives and Returns




To emerge the traditional scheme of compensations and rights normally used within the sponsorship area, Madrid´s business Forum establishes two axis of definition and development:

  • Actives: Concrete opportunities of participation and direct prominence.
  • Returns: Benefits received from the adhered companies which have value in themselves.

The companies adhered to Madrid´s business Forum, have the actives and returns below:

  • Actives:
    • Integration: Initiatives and events that favor the implication, the networking and the integration between the adhered companies and the municipal AA.GG, ensuring the optimization of this collaborative platform by both sides.
    • Repercussion: Activities, reports, events, publications, etc. Developed  in  the context of the Forum´s continuous activity what ensures its social repercussion and the impact as a platform of influence.
  • Returns:
    • Image: Right to use the image, the naming and the logotype of Madrid´s business Forum (Brand association).
    • Advertising and communication: Brand presence (logotype) in advertising and communication channels of the Forum and of the Madrid city council, specialized services for the diffusion of the adhered companies and the right to use public spaces to make of promotional campaigns.
    • Institutional. Access to institutional functions of maximum importance in the municipal area, as well as the right to use emblematic municipal spaces to make corporate events.